Looking for something to do in Sheffield? Why not try getting locked away at The Great Escape Game Sheffield?!

Trapped in a room for up to an hour, it is your task to gather up your team and escape! Think you have what it takes? You have the option of seven different quests:

Alcatraz 2.0: You wake up in your cell, sirens are blasting. You suspect the guard has been knocked out cold, you know if there ever was a chance for you to escape, now is your time.

Mad Scientist: A family fun, entry level game. You must use your brain power to navigate your way out of the Scientist’s lair before you become their next experiment.

Homicide 2.0: You want to play a game? It’s sadistic game, where you…are the main attraction.

Placebo: Not all is as it seems. You find yourself in the midst of a drugs trial, as you take the tablets you realise something is not quite right.The simplest of tasks become near impossible, and it is these simple tasks that you must complete to escape.

The Devil’s Playground: Scares, sins and sacrifices – everything you’d expect from Hell! Think you have what it takes to play the Devil at his own game? Find out as you are trapped inside his very own twisted fantasy.

Submerged: Perfect for big teams! Battle against time and each other, as you race to save the day and escape from your submarine!

Abducted: This 18+ game is not for the faint hearted. Alone and frightened, you have 50 minutes to escape from the ‘chop house’. If you don’t, you’ll be next on the operating table.

Once you’ve completed your quest, feel free to have a full debrief in The Great Escape Game Sheffield’s bar and kitchen. Make of a day of it with retro games, VR, pizzas and cocktails! So that’s, a place to eat, a place to drink and a place to bond as a group. You don’t even need to leave the building.

Don’t want to break the bank? Well not to worry, The Great Escape Game offer numerous discounts alongside the off peak prices. A top tip would be to follow @escapegamesheffield on social media, limited time only discounts pop up on there all the time.

We all know it’s a nightmare to find something that all the family will enjoy. Getting your teenager to put their phone down for longer than 5 minutes seems next impossible. That’s where The Great Escape Game Leeds comes in. Trapped for up to an hour in a room of your choice. You have 60 minutes to communicate as a team to solve the puzzles and try to make your way out. Each room needs different types of brains to help, so it’s perfect for the whole family.

For the Teen who:

Constantly has their head in a book: King Arthur’s Secret offers an escape to a medieval castle. It is your job to reunite the seven kingdoms and become the true ruler of England.

Is permanently attached to their controller: Submerged warfare is a battle escape game like no other. Trapped in a submarine, miles under water, you must race against time and each other to get to the surface. As the air pressure rises so will the tension in this action packed battle!

Thinks that the Government is watching them:
The Underworld Conspiracy is shrouded with mystery. Somewhere in the centre of the Earth there is an object, you must get to it before ‘The New World Order’ do. The fate of the entire world rests upon your shoulders, no pressure.

Will watch every horror movie they can get their hands on:
The Devil’s Playground is the best place for any little Hell raisers! Trapped in his lair you have sold your soul to the Devil, the only way out is to play along with his games.

Located right in Leeds city centre, The Great Escape Game Leeds not only has all of these immersive experiences, but also has a bar area! Meaning you and your Teen can play games, have a chat or share a pizza before/after your escape game. With all this great stuff in one place, it really is the best thing to do with your teenager in Leeds!

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Our Sheffield team grabbed January by the horns…literally! The Devil’s Playground room was so successful in Leeds that it has been released in our Sheffield Generation 2 site. To celebrate this, there’s also been a new trailer made! You can watch it here.

January was all about spreading awareness and developing our business skills. Our Directors Hannah and Peter featured in The Telegraph, Exposed and The Star (amongst others). Using their platform to showcase our new escape rooms and their business journey thus far. Ninja Heather also got the chance to go to Sheffield Generation’s Conference, where she was able to listen to other entrepreneurs and gain invaluable insights.

We also had an inter site trip to find our inner Total Ninja. Staff members from all three sites found themselves in Manchester; running into walls, jumping from ledges and in a heap in the foam pit! We rounded the night off, the only way we know how to! Safe to say everyone was aching the week after.

Social media highlights included the adventures of Bonnie in Leeds and the ‘dad dancing’ in Sheffield! Not to mention Hannah’s infectious laugh as we celebrated her birthday.

That’s all for our January round up, keep your eyes peeled for some very special announcements in February! Can’t wait to see you all for some half term/Valentine’s escapes!