Are You A #ThrillSeekingMum? Here Are Five Reasons Why An Escape Game Is The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

Are You A #ThrillSeekingMum? Here Are Five Reasons Why An Escape Game Is The Perfect Mother's Day Gift!


Mother’s Day is just around the corner (March 22nd to be exact), and why not start this celebratory day as you mean to go on by spoiling your mum with an escape game? We’re sure there are many situations which your mum wishes she could have escaped when you were growing up, some of which are likely to include:

  • When your child overhears a naughty word and starts shouting it in the park!
  • When you’re doing your big shop in the supermarket, and you realise your child has drawn all over your back and shoulders with a washable marker
  • When you get stuck in the soft play area running after your child

So, all mum’s have managed to escape enough embarrassing situations over the years, so why not treat them to an immersive, thrilling experience and see if they’ve still got what it takes to escape? Here’s why The Great Escape Game is the perfect destination for you and your family this Mother’s Day in Sheffield and Leeds.

We’ve got a license to chill!

With the new James Bond film release just around the corner, we’re showing off our license to chill. Why not challenge your mum to one of our blockbuster escape rooms from Submerged to The Devil’s Playground, and treat her to a glass of wine if she escapes? We have a variety of food and drinks available from our fantastic bar and restaurant, it gives you all the more reason to make your mum’s day out extra special. You might even meet heart-throb, Daniel Craig himself. Recently, The Great Escape Game has welcomed the cast of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, Emmerdale and we’ve featured on shows like Don’t Tell The Bride too.

You have to work as a team!

Escape games encourage you to talk to each other, and we guarantee that taking part in one of our award-winning adventures will bring your family closer together. The ultimate goal is to find a way to escape the room you’ve been placed in. You all need to work together to figure out each clue and work toward that larger goal – communication is key!

We’re a distraction-free zone!

Before entering one of our five-star escape games, we’ll kindly ask you to put your phones and belongings in a locker, and it’s not very often you can organise phone-free family fun in 2020! Avoid all distractions and engage all your senses in a movie-like setting. It’s an hour free from social media scrolling – bingo!

Escape rooms are perfect for a rainy day!

Over the last month, the UK has seen four storms from Dennis to Jorge, and while we hope that March will bring us more sunshine, escape rooms are the perfect rainy-day activity should the British weather let us down again. Challenge yourself and figure out what you can bring to a team!

Mum’s are always right!

We all know that mums are always right, so it’s likely that you’ll escape quickly! You can book your Mother’s Day experience today by calling 0330 088 3032 or take a look at the games we currently have on offer.

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