Can You Play Escape Games When Pregnant

At The Great Escape Game we’re often asked “Can pregnant women play?”. Although we #KeepTheMystery when it comes to what’s inside our rooms, we’re always happy to explain: YES, pregnant players are more than welcome to join us!

Each of our escape games have varying levels of physical activity. You won’t need your gym gear on but you may be required to bend, kneel or crawl to discover your next clues and puzzles.

If you’re wanting to take it easy, King Arthur’s Secret is our most family friendly game and a perfect puzzle game for the expectant mother and friends

Submerged and Underworld are the games you’ll be heading to if you’re up for a challenge. You can utilise your best teamwork skills by distributing roles and responsibilities throughout the game. Pregnant ladies – if there’s anything you don’t feel comfortable with, don’t worry! Use your teammates to help you out as any physical aspects aren’t necessary for every player.

Although our horror rooms Devil’s Playground and Abducted can be intense, they’re easily adapted to accommodate for any pregnant players. Tell your Games Master and they can ensure your experience runs smoothly while maintaining the thrills and entertainment of a scary game.

During all of our games, there are members of the team watching every step of the way. Not only does this mean they can deliver helpful hints, but if your pregnant player needs a toilet break they can swiftly get them out.

So can you play our games when pregnant? Of course! Just remember to always let your Games Master know and our team will ensure your escape game is GREAT.

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