Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 – The Things We’ve Learnt and Are Looking Forward To This Year

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 The Things We've Learnt and Are Looking Forward To This Year



It took the whole world ripping at the seams for us to – pause. Breathe. Reflect.

We’ve sobbed.

Listened. Been grateful. Thankful. Smiled. Laughed.

Knocked down our first ever site on Sidney Street, Sheffield.

BUT, in our newest Vicar Lane site, we have built a brand new game…almost.

Covid-19 certainly wasn’t in the multitude of life or business plans we’d created, that’s for sure. We wanted to start the new year of 2021 on a high, so, here are some of the very real goodness we have learnt or have been reminded of throughout lockdown:

  • The importance of community and connection. Always build a longer table, not a taller fence. I have been constantly warmed by the whole host of communities that exist, from the local Facebook groups that I’ve discovered (shoutout to the Real Housewives of Meersbrook) and the welcoming people, who were once strangers, who graciously support each other emotionally, financially and are sure to make you grin. The neighbour you’ve never met, who you joined for the Thursday night clap. The other neighbour, who you now shop for is now a lifelong friend. Forming human connections is something that we pride ourselves on and we can’t wait to be doing it again soon.
  • How you can alter your life with a single decision. In fact, a lesson will repeat itself until you learn it. To embrace tomorrow, you must let go of yesterday.
  • People can’t read your mind; tell them what you want. Talking is as important as ever. It will support navigating through this bewildering storm. Generally as a society, we’ve grown. We are much more patient, respectful and understanding; taking time to notice and ask if others are okay and really listening to the answer.
  • You won’t know how valuable your health is until you’re fighting for it, so fight for it before you have to. It’s deeply sad that many companies, including ours, have been affected, but I can confidently say health trumps anything else. So make sure you care for the one body you have, stay safe and be sensible.
  • Your diet isn’t just what you eat. It’s what you read, who you follow, who you spend your time with, it’s even what you watch. Start by removing junk food from your diet, if you have a goal to have a healthier mind. In fact, the whole universe starts and ends inside your mind. No matter where you end up. No matter how rich, pretty, famous or successful you become, you won’t enjoy any of it if you get there at the expense of your mental health.
  • You are responsible for your energy. Use it to focus on what you can do. Not on what you cannot. You can’t control what happens, but you can control how you react accordingly.
  • Everything is temporary, nothing lasts forever. It often doesn’t feel like it, as the world is ever changing and unpredictable, but challenges will pass and undoubtedly strengthen us in the process. Here’s to navigating through the situation together.

“We are not all in the same boat. We are in the same storm. Some have patches, some have canoes and some are drowning.”

For me, this quote was a reminder to us all to continue to be kind, understanding and help whoever you can, even if that’s just with your smile.

We can’t wait to reconnect with you all again, safely. In the meantime, we will have a flurry of puzzles across our Facebook to keep your minds active! //


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