Brand New Escape Room Game Confirmed in Leeds City Centre – The Curse of Grimstone Lane

Brand New Escape Room Game Confirmed in Leeds City Centre The Curse of Grimstone Lane

Leeds has revealed the opening date of its latest entry into the escape room scene. The Great Escape Game, an escape room company with over a decade’s experience in the game is bringing Soul Searchers: The Curse Of Grimstone Lane to the city centre. 


The new experience will see one of their most popular rooms ‘Haunted’, reimagined with new puzzles, an updated story and an enhanced player experience.

The new room won’t deviate too far from the style of its predecessor, enticing players in with a deep dive into the mysterious and supernatural. A house that has been abandoned for decades, reports of visitors losing their mind, an unsolved mystery of the family that used to live there… The games masters at The Great Escape Game need you to find out what happened. 

‘In 2024 we are going to do more to keep our experiences fresh for people that have played with us before as well as new players. We want to create an experience that showcases the best of what the escape room industry has to offer’ said Tommy Linnett, marketing coordinator. 

Ghostbusters and Stranger Things were amongst the list of inspirations the game designers drew from. The story makes the players central characters as a ghost hunting team, brave enough to enter Grimstone Lane and solve the mystery.

‘We wanted to place the players at the centre of the story so that the mystery and adventure is unfolding unfolds around them and the choices they make’ said Sandesh Somani, the games’ designer. ‘Haunted has always been one of most popular experiences, but we saw potential for it to be so much more’. 

The experience will see an increase in max escape time to 75 minutes as well as player capacity increasing to 7. This combined with The Great Escape Game using all their knowledge and experience to make the best escape room experience they can, means it's a must-play for old and new players alike.

The experience has no age limit but isn’t for the faint of heart, with the designers recommending players under 12 are accompanied by an adult. Book now at to uncover Leeds' biggest mystery, opening February 3rd 2024.

See the aptitude map of the new Curse of Grimstone Lane below:

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