The ‘Escape Room’ Film Review – Now on Netflix

The ‘Escape Room' Film Review Now on Netflix

Escape Room (2019), as a whole, is a film created for the avid puzzlers among us. It is a fast-paced, high-concept narrative following six strangers trapped in a range of different escape rooms under intense pressure to break out with their lives, ultimately resulting in nail biting situations for the viewer. For a further scare, Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions recently released where the players unwillingly find themselves returned to the gut-wrenching feeling of being locked in another series of killer escape rooms after discovering not all is as it seems with both the rooms and one another. The scare factor of these movies comes through in its unpredictability, not only do we not know what will occur in the escape room but the characters themselves must figure out the events alongside us. 

As we watch the horror, we enjoy following the characters in their life or death situations as the puzzle is being solved, however, do you think you have what it takes to stand in their shoes and escape tense circumstances yourself?

At ‘The Great Escape Game’ Abducted perfectly captures the true terror of the movie ‘Escape Room’, taking inspiration from other horrors of the same genre such as ‘Saw’ as you think for your life to decipher clues and codes before your abductor returns. Treading through an abandoned chop house, the abducted must rummage through the blood, bodies and tools used by past failed escapists in order to remain alive as the clock ticks down slowly. 

Experience the Escape Room film in real life

Despite the horror of Abducted, many prefer to leave the anxiety of escape rooms to the films and in that case ‘The Great Escape Game’ offers a range of different rooms (just like in the movie, except not all end in fear). In fact we have many rooms for a wide range of puzzle solvers. Be Abducted

King Arthur’s Secrets is a family friendly adventure to solve the mystery of the round table, the brave adventurer will be invited as a knight to take a seat alongside King Arthur and his followers at his sacred round table as you uncover the riddle to find excalibur and lift the sword from the stone. There is an infinitely more adventurous and fantastical atmosphere to this room than that of which the abducted feel within the film in their calamitous ones. Start you adventure

Underworld offers a puzzle of a graveyard as you unearth the mystery of the new world order. You must figure out the locations of the missing objects and discover the meaning behind the new world order’s blueprints for total world domination. When push comes to shove, will you have what it takes to save the whole world from evil doings or fold under the pressure just like the unfortunate happenings in ‘Escape Room’. Explore Underworld

Haunted however embarks the escaper to a house where not all is as it seems. Candles blowing out without a breeze felt, doors slamming from across the room and the sound of a ball rolling with no soul to throw it results in the escaper being locked inside a house possessed by the little girl we at The Great Escape Game have named Annabelle. Despite these occurrences happening during the day, when all escapists are gone and the power is turned off, the game masters report still hearing the laughs and piano playing from down the corridor. Will you be Haunted? **Haunted has since been updated discountinued to make room for our new experience… The Curse of Grimstone Lane! 

A step up from these games will result in the escapist entering a lift which drags them to the depths of hell to beat Lucifer himself face to face at his own game in No Hope in Hell. There is one thing to remember however when it comes to being trapped in one of the devils games and that is you are never truly quite alone – surrounded by the souls of past escapists in which Satan has kept in his depths. Play with the Devil

Difficulty-wise, Submerged is my recommendation for those who truly want a challenge to their escape room experience. Lost in the Bermuda triangle, the escapist will learn the importance of communication as they scramble to power the submarine, resurface and escape in the ever so pressuring time limit as oxygen slowly dissipates. How long will you be Submerged?

How do our escape rooms compare and are they like the film?

Together, all our rooms follow the concept of the film ‘Escape Room’, some will take a darker more twisted approach imitating that of the movie and others allow the escapist to undergo a valiant adventure. However, primarily all films created which observe the ‘fight for your life escape room’ genre capture the key aspects and skills to successfully breakout. When suspense is concerned, the premise of the film keeps the audience waiting quite literally on the edge of their seat as  there is no knowing or telling what may be hidden behind any specific locked door. As an Escaper, you must take these key skills from the movie into your experience in our rooms including that of communication, teamwork, attention to detail and time management otherwise a fate such as theirs may be heading your way. 

A significant component of what makes the movie feel so realistic and captivates the audience is through set design, each prop down the minute detail is integral to the plot and will clue the character onto the next puzzle and hopefully their potential escape. At The Great Escape Game, we design our rooms in a similar way, working alongside the prop designers and artists who produce the sets for Alton Towers, we try to create a highly immersive experience that results in the escaper not recognising or recalling their entrance to the escape room, much like that of the characters in the film in their first initial encounter with the exit game. 

Ultimately, as a games master, the film ‘Escape Room’ captures the true terror of timed puzzle solving and the intense pressure it takes on the player. It displays the use of skill, smarts and teamwork it takes in order to escape with your lives! I recommend watching this film on Netflix if you’re fond of the escape room experience or want to prepare yourself for the terrors in which you might come across during your time at The Great Escape Game. 

Will you be able to do any better than the characters in the film? There’s only one way to find out…

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