Things to do in Sheffield


Looking for something to do in Sheffield? Why not try getting locked away at The Great Escape Game Sheffield?!

Trapped in a room, it is your task to gather up your team and escape! Think you have what it takes? You have the option of seven different quests:

Alcatraz 2.0: You wake up in your cell, sirens are blasting. You suspect the guard has been knocked out cold, you know if there ever was a chance for you to escape, now is your time.

Mad Scientist: A family fun, entry level game. You must use your brain power to navigate your way out of the Scientist’s lair before you become their next experiment.

Homicide 2.0: You want to play a game? It’s sadistic game, where you…are the main attraction.

Placebo: Not all is as it seems. You find yourself in the midst of a drugs trial, as you take the tablets you realise something is not quite right.The simplest of tasks become near impossible, and it is these simple tasks that you must complete to escape.

The Devil’s Playground: Scares, sins and sacrifices – everything you’d expect from Hell! Think you have what it takes to play the Devil at his own game? Find out as you are trapped inside his very own twisted fantasy.

Submerged: Perfect for big teams! Battle against time and each other, as you race to save the day and escape from your submarine!

Abducted: This 18+ game is not for the faint hearted. Alone and frightened, you have 50 minutes to escape from the ‘chop house’. If you don’t, you’ll be next on the operating table.

Once you’ve completed your quest, feel free to have a full debrief in The Great Escape Game Sheffield’s bar and kitchen. Make of a day of it with retro games, VR, pizzas and cocktails! So that’s, a place to eat, a place to drink and a place to bond as a group. You don’t even need to leave the building.

Don’t want to break the bank? Well not to worry, The Great Escape Game offer numerous discounts alongside the off peak prices. A top tip would be to follow @escapegamesheffield on social media, limited time only discounts pop up on there all the time.

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