Things to do with teenagers in Leeds


We all know it’s a nightmare to find something that all the family will enjoy. Getting your teenager to put their phone down for longer than 5 minutes seems next impossible. That’s where The Great Escape Game Leeds comes in. Trapped in a room of your choice, you have to communicate as a team to solve the puzzles and try to make your way out. Each room needs different types of brains to help, so it’s perfect for the whole family.

For the Teen who:

Constantly has their head in a book: King Arthur’s Secret offers an escape to a medieval castle. It is your job to reunite the seven kingdoms and become the true ruler of England.

Is permanently attached to their controller: Submerged warfare is a battle escape game like no other. Trapped in a submarine, miles under water, you must race against time and each other to get to the surface. As the air pressure rises so will the tension in this action packed battle!

Thinks that the Government is watching them: The Underworld Conspiracy is shrouded with mystery. Somewhere in the centre of the Earth there is an object, you must get to it before ‘The New World Order’ do. The fate of the entire world rests upon your shoulders, no pressure.

Will watch every horror movie they can get their hands on: The Devil’s Playground is the best place for any little Hell raisers! Trapped in his lair you have sold your soul to the Devil, the only way out is to play along with his games.

Located right in Leeds city centre, The Great Escape Game Leeds not only has all of these immersive experiences, but also has a bar area! Meaning you and your Teen can play games, have a chat or share a pizza before/after your escape game. With all this great stuff in one place, it really is the best thing to do with your teenager in Leeds!

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