Haunted - thegreatescapegame.co.uk


This Halloween, the challenge isn’t escaping… It’s surviving…

We’re unlocking The Gates of Hell and unleashing the horrors within.

Our fortune teller has been analysing the moon-cycle and every day that the stars align, we’ll be hosting extra-torturous escape rooms, terrifying scares and plenty more sinister tricks. Here’s when we’ll be running the special editions of our escape rooms:

Friday 19th of October – Saturday 20th of October*
Friday 26th of October – Wednesday 31st of October*
*Any teams that do not escape within these dates will be fed to our resident demons.

So finally… it’s time to get your team together, prepare for a festival of frights and join us for a celebration of scares. But beware… Only the bravest survive.

We’re still trying to decipher The Devil’s message, so keep a close eye on this page for updates. Once we work out what he’s trying to tell us, you’ll know exactly what to expect…”