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At The Great Escape Game, we provide the ultimate escape room experience in Yorkshire. Our immersive and thrilling escape rooms offer an adventure like no other, perfect for groups of friends, family, or colleagues looking for a unique and exciting activity.


Our escape rooms are designed to challenge your mind and senses, putting your problem-solving skills to the test as you work against the clock to solve puzzles, crack codes and unlock secrets. 

With a range of different themes to choose from, you’ll be fully immersed in an alternate reality.

Discover our wide range of escape room experiences:


Playing an escape room is simple and exciting! Here’s what you need to know:

Once you arrive, our staff will brief you on game rules and the backstory of your adventure!

Next, we’ll lock you up and throw away the key… Only kidding, that’s illegal.

Your objective is to solve the themed puzzles and put together clues within (usually) 60 minutes to escape your room!

The key to success in an escape room is teamwork; work as a cohesive team by communicating effectively and sharing ideas.


At The Great Escape Game, we pride ourselves on creating an escape room experience that’s not only unforgettable but also incredibly fun. Our expert game masters are on hand to guide you through the experience, providing hints and tips when needed to ensure you have the best possible time.

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with friends or a team-building activity with colleagues, The Great Escape Game has something for everyone.

So why not book your escape room experience today and see if you’ve got what it takes to escape before time runs out?

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If you have any questions regarding partaking in an escape room experience, why not contact our friendly team who can help you with any queries you have, give you a second opinion on which escape room to play, or answer any general questions.

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Escape rooms blur the lines between the hum-drum of everyday life and the world of video games and movies! You and your friends, family or work colleagues are locked in a room with up to an hour to escape. As a team, you will have to search as you ferret around trying to solve a series of intricate puzzles. Test your common sense, logic, problem-solving, and friendship as the clock ticks down.

Generally speaking, our escape rooms are designed for groups of two to five people. However, we also offer some larger experiences, that have room for up to 12 people! Make sure to take a look at how many people can partake in the paticular escape room experience you are booking.

An escape room is a game where a group of players solve puzzles and clues to escape from a themed room within a set time limit. It’s an interactive adventure that requires teamwork, communication and quick thinking. You will find yourself immersed in an entirely different world as soon as you step into the room. Whether it is a horror-themed asylum or a jungle maze filled with hidden secrets, the experience is always unique, as each escape room has its own storyline and set of challenges. You’ll never know what to expect until you enter the room!


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