What is The Great Escape Game?
The Great Escape Game is a new and exciting live escape room experience blurring the lines between the hum-drum of everyday life and the world of video games and movies! You and your friends, family or work colleagues are locked in a room with up to an hour to escape. As a team, you will have to search high and low, far and wide as you ferret around trying to solve a series of intricate puzzles. Test your common sense, logic and friendship as the clock ticks down, can you escape?

“Generation 2” What’s that?
Excellent question my internet friend! Generation 2 is our brand new location with brand spanking new rooms! Generation 1 is our beloved Sidney Street building with the 4 classic Great Escape Game rooms. So if you’ve already experienced Alcatraz, Mad Scientist, Placebo or Homicide (or all 4!) then you’ve been to our Generation 1 site. We love Gen 1, it’s like our baby. However, babies grow up, and that’s where Generation 2 comes in! We’re designing state of the art new rooms with brand new puzzles, special effects, sets and experiences for you to enjoy. A lot has changed since we opened Gen 1, and we’re full to the brim with exciting new ideas to keep you and your mates entertained when you visit Generation 2.

Will I enjoy the experience?
Yes! There’s a reason live escape games have been taking the world by storm! The Great Escape is a GREAT experience that you won’t forget in a hurry! Ideal for memory making, if you’re looking for unforgettable entertainment and something a little different this is the activity for you!

Is the game safe & what happens if I need to get out?
The rooms have been designed with your safety in mind. Furthermore, there are no physically strenuous elements to any of our codes and puzzles. You are monitored by our staff at all times and free to leave the room whenever you like.

I am claustrophobic, will I be able to play?
This shouldn’t be an issue, as the rooms are average sized and the ceilings are quite high. Players are also permitted to leave the game at any point they wish. If you have any particular requirements please get in touch and we will talk to you a little about our games and try to accommodate you as much as we can!

What TV show or film is this similar to?
Labelled by Radio Sheffield as: ‘Sheffield’s very own Crystal Maze’, the game is a combination of this, The Cube (ITV TV show), Saw series, Prison Break, Fort Boyard, The Mole and not forgetting The Great Escape!

Can I pay with cash?
No, we only accept card payments so that bookings can be taken in advance.

How hard is the game?
You don’t need to be the next Einstein, common sense, logic and enthusiasm goes a lot further than intelligence. Each room is rated on a 5 star scale of difficulty and an average escape rate of around 40%. Assemble your crack team of puzzle solvers and find out whether you are up to the challenge!

Who normally plays this?
The Great Escape Game is popular with people from all walks of life. Teams can be made up of friends, family, work friends, student peers and societies. Furthermore, it is a great team building and corporate exercise or a fantastic experience to mark a special occasion.

Do you accommodate for special occasions?
We’ve had everything from stag dos to anniversaries and every manner of occasion in between. A truly unforgettable experience and memories that will last a life-time!

What should I wear?
The only thing you need to bring is your thinking-caps! We would recommend you avoid wearing heels and also don’t forget your glasses for reading the locks!

Which room should I play?
We advise you check out our rooms page and make your decision based on whatever takes your fancy! We’re sure after your first attempt, you’ll be back to try the rest!

What is the recommended number of players per team?
The rooms are designed for different group sizes, we recommend you check out our rooms page. However the minimum is 2 and our current maximum is 9.

Accessibility and special requirements?
Unfortunately the building we currently operate in does not have a lift or wheelchair access. Most of our clues are visual, however we are happy to cater to your needs. If you have any questions regarding the matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch bookings@thegreatescapegame.co.uk

What ages can play?
Our games are created to challenge and are often complex, therefore if you are considering bringing children, we advise that you call us to discuss the nature of the games, to ensure it is suitable for them. The minimum age to be not be accompanied by an adult is 12.

Why do we need to arrive 30 mins before?
This is an opportunity to play some of our board games / Mario kart / VR (Leeds only) and have a drink and snack, but we also will use this time to answer any questions you may have, sign everyone in (weaver), put your belongings away and use the toilet. We aim to start your game at the booked in time slot.

Opening hours?

How do I get there/can I park nearby?

What is your refund policy?
The Great Escape Game is a live event, so once the booking is confirmed; refunds for cancellations are not accepted, this includes adverse weather conditions such a snow as games will still run. A booking becomes a no-show and entry will be refused if you arrive late. In this situation we are unable to provide refunds.

Are there any fees for changing the date or time of a booking?
If you would like to change the date of your booking more than a month in advance there is no charge. If it is less than a month the cost is £50 per room.

Are you really the only escape game to be sponsored by Coca Cola?
Yes! We’re currently the only escape game in the country to be sponsored by Coca-cola. It came from years of hard work and building relationships!