Welcome to the haunting world of No Hope in Hell, an escape room experience from the Great Escape Game that will push your limits and immerse you in a chilling narrative. 

Prepare to step into a realm of darkness, to see how you face up against the devil himself!

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2 – 5 players

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We all have that one idiotic friend. The hopeful one ready to take a punt on being a millionaire. Sadly, this time it all failed and it’s your job to rescue them after they stupidly traded their soul for a scratch card. It’s time to come together and conjure up the ultimate heist, or pay the ultimate price. After all, anything for your friends right? Play ‘No Hope In Hell’, the second chapter of ‘The Devil’s Playground’. This game is the updated version of one of our most popular legacy games, now retrofitted with an updated storyline and 18 new puzzles (don’t worry, we still kept the best ones from last time!). Whether you got chance to play the original The Devil’s Playground and want to continue with this version, or whether you’re entirely new to the game, No Hope In Hell is ready to offer you chance to put your skills to the test and see how you’ll fair against the Devil himself. You’ll have one hour to travel deep into the underbelly of hell and resurface with your sins, or forever spend an eternity at the command of Lucifer. Sounds simple right? It’s time to make your first decision of the game: will you take on this journey? Here’s the plan: Break into hell. Trick the Devil. Save your friend!

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You could've picked a scarier game, and you could've picked a less scary one. There's some screaming and a jump scare but nothing intended to terrify you!

We'd recommend this game for players aged 13 and upwards.

Yes, but you'll have to let us know when you book. The easiest way is to speak to our bookings team by emailing bookings@thegreatescapegame or by calling us on 0330 088 3032

He's not quite the kinda guy to come and shake your hand, but you may hear from him once in a while. You'll recognise his deep voice. In fact, he's a bit of a fun-sponge in comparison to the rest of our team!

Well... No, but yes. The game takes place in the underbelly of hell, but luckily it's not as hot and it's not so terrible. It's just part of the story!


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