Things To Do At The Weekend In Leeds

Sick of doing the same thing EVERY weekend? Well look no further than a trip to Leeds.

Leeds’ is currently in the bidding for European Capital of Culture 2023. It is a vibrant city full of culture and interesting things to do. Something that really encapsulates the ‘Leeds Vibe’ is The Great Escape Game Leeds. Gone are the days of spending the weekend hungover and walking around in the rain. The best weekend activity in Leeds can now be found in the middle of an office block, right next to the train station!

The Great Escape Game Leeds offer a live experience unlike any other. You enter a suspiciously normal looking building and are guided to the hidden bar area. As the doors open you will find yourself in a hidden gem of Leeds city centre! Settle down on the luxe sofas as you play the VR, or bring back the nostalgia with a game of Mario Kart on our Nintendo 64 or our 600 retro game arcade cabinet. In the bar area you can indulge in delicious handmade pizzas, room-themed cocktails and extravagant ice cream sundaes. If you want something a little more laid back, there’s also plenty of classic board and card games to choose from.

Now onto the main event, the live escape game itself! If you haven’t already heard about them, escape games are an immersive experience in which you and your team are locked in a room and must race against the clock to escape. The Great Escape Game Leeds offers five different rooms, from the family friendly King Arthur’s Secret to the 18+ horror game, Abducted.

Spend up to an hour locked away with your loved ones and see how you work as a team to solve the puzzles. With a range of adventures for you to experience, you can immerse yourself and escape the everyday humdrum city life.

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Crystal Maze Experience Leeds and Sheffield


Want to relive your childhood fantasies? We all spent many an hour watching The Crystal Maze, wishing we could put our skills to the test. Eying up our friends trying to work out who to keep locked in and who we want on our side until the very end. Here at The Great Escape Game, we have our very own slice of the action! Our brilliant Games Masters even take Richard Ayoade’s/O’brien’s place (we’re not picky) and guide you on your path to success. Just like in The Crystal Maze, we have four key challenges:

Although the majority of our puzzles are exercises of the mind there are a few physical challenges involved. Always be sure to bring your comfy shoes because you never know what’s around the corner!

We have a variety of rooms at different skill level, everyone brings something different to the table and our rooms are here to cater for that! From fast reaction times to the careful placement of puzzle pieces, there’s something for all the team to do.

It’s not just skill puzzles you’ll find in our room. From the riddles of King Arthur’s Castle to trying to escape from the evil ‘man in the mask’. You’ll need to use all of your brain cells to see if you have what it takes.

Our rooms are shrouded in mystery, from the New World Order to Anonymous. You never know who you’ll come across inside The Great Escape Game Leeds.

So the next time you want to compete against time in a crystal maze game style challenge be sure to make your way to our website! We even have a bar and games area for you to debrief your team after your challenge!

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December Review

The month of joy, festivity and fun, but for most people, also one of the busiest months of the year. It’s been no different for us here at The Great Escape Game. We’ve been host to a whole range of activities and events which have kept us busy from the first until the last – and it doesn’t show signs of stopping.

First of all, the Christmas season has kept us all on our toes as we welcomed hundreds of festive revellers for their Christmas parties. Here at The Great Escape Game, our fabulous drinks offers, cocktails and festive feasts have satiated even the biggest of Scrooge’s. And of course, our escape rooms have ensured that parties don’t get too comfortable – with plenty of totally immersive and thrilling escape games.

December also saw the launch of two new escape rooms; Alcatraz 2.0 and Homicide 2.0. Following the incredible success of the original games, Alcatraz and Homicide were entirely revamped and refreshed, making them wholly playable for new customers and replayable for returning players. This relaunch right before Christmas saw The Great Escape Game reach its busiest period with a huge number of happy customers.

The Great Escape Game then took a trip to the Sheffield Business Awards, where the company was shortlisted in the category of Best Contribution to Sheffield Visitor Experience. Directors Hannah Duraid and Peter Lecole, Marketing Manager Krissie Akrill and Sales Executive Lauren Greaves got all dressed up and spent the evening in Ponds Forge, Sheffield, to celebrate the successes of local businesses.

Something which has been ongoing behind the scenes but finally came to fruition this December is the launch of our brand new website. Our new and improved site is sleeker, smoother and much more user friendly. Be sure to have a browse and take full advantage of brand spanking new snazzy interface.

All of the above leads us only to one thing… 2018. In January, we have plenty going on to prevent those pesky January blues from setting in. Just one of the exciting events coming up is the launch of The Devil’s Playground – the hit game from The Great Escape Game’s Leeds venue is coming to Sheffield Generation 2. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the launch and make sure you don’t miss out!

That’s about it for our December review from us here at The Great Escape Game. We have been as busy as ever and can’t wait for the New Year and all it will bring! We hope you’ve had a great festive period and remember to keep escaping!

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