Christmas Offers



Get into the festive spirit with our thrilling and immersive Christmas escape room deals at the Great Escape Game!

Step into a world of enchantment and mystery as you and your friends or family work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and unlock secrets. With our special holiday offers, you can make this Christmas an unforgettable experience for everyone!

We offer Christmas parties, in Sheffield and Leeds, at The Great Escape Game. Choose from a variety of five star adventures, each one created to stretch your team-work to the absolute limit. But with only an hour on the clock, will you escape? This Christmas, experience our award-winning escape games like never before, followed by an invitation to our atmospheric lobby for drinks.

As played by Google Emmerdale Red Bull BBC Coca Cola Harry Potter

Dare to step into realms of enchantment and mystery as you and your companions find yourselves immersed in our intricately crafted escape rooms? From the chilling depths of the Hell's fiery pits to the chaotic chambers of a submarine rescue mission, each of our themed rooms promises a heart-pounding challenge filled with cryptic clues, mind-bending puzzles, and hidden surprises.

So why settle for another mundane office party when you can embark on an unforgettable adventure together? Our Christmas party packages are perfect for corporate team-building events, family gatherings, or groups of friends looking for an exciting way to celebrate the festive season. Book your Christmas party with The Great Escape Game today and give your guests an unforgettable adventure they'll be talking about long after the Christmas is over!



Exclusive to Sheffield
£ 25 Per Person
  • An escape game for everyone
  • 1 x House drink each


Exclusive to Sheffield
£ 30 Per Person
  • An escape game for everyone
  • 2 x House drinks each


Exclusive to Sheffield
£ 35 Per Person
  • An escape game for everyone
  • 4 x House drinks each


*Exclusive to Sheffield
£ 12 Per Person
  • A Selection of Christmas specials and local foods, made by our artisinal food specialists. Because all our food is prepared with locally sourced produce, it means we can't confirm the buffet items until closer to the time, but one thing we can guarantee is that you're bound to have a good time.
  • To keep up to date with our buffet options, give us a call on 0330 088 3032 to speak to one of our Events Specialists who always have their pulse on the latest updates.

Add our immersive bar experience for only £10 per person

Communicate with the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future to save Christmas in an immersive, puzzle solving bar experience inspired by a popular Christmas carol. It's half way between being in an escape room, and a real-life bar.

Interactive puzzles
A haunted bar experience
Drink whilst you play
Unlock discounts
Spooky boardgames
Winter cocktail menu

Real Christmas Reviews

Gift an experience of a lifetime

It’s never easy picking the perfect gift. It’s got to be thoughtful, memorable and unique. Luckily we take the guesswork out of it and give you a guaranteed way to beat the odds. Gift an adventure like no other that places the magic in their hands. Let them decide what experience they book for, at a time and day that suits them, and at the end of it, you get to take the credit for the laughs and the memories.

Valid for 1 year
Delivered in minutes
Digital gift vouchers
A variety of price points
They choose the game
Physical gift vouchers available

Have a question? check these answers.

Here's a selection of our most frequently asked questions about The Great Escape Game

We can handle anywhere from 2 to 100 people across a variety of room. Just get in touch with us so we can help organise things for you

Each game lasts an hour, but your Christmas party is welcome to run well into the night if needed. We've got plenty to keep you occupied outside of just the games.

The short answer – Yes and No

The long answer – Not all escape games are created the same and our games masters have worked hard to create each escape room to follow unique fantasies. From Magical to Horror, you’ll find scary and non-scary games. Take a look at our fun and thrilling games.

It's perfect for most people! We've got challenging rooms and easier rooms, scary rooms, spooky rooms and family-friendly rooms. There's plenty to tailor the experience perfectly to whatever kind of experience you would want.

It depends on which package you feel is right for you. Alternatively, if you need help choosing or want help planning your day, just give us a call and one of our Events Specialists can take the burden from you.

Escape rooms blur the lines between the hum-drum of everyday life and the world of video games and movies! You and your friends, family or work colleagues are locked in a room with up to an hour to escape. As a team, you will have to search as you ferret around trying to solve a series of intricate puzzles. Test your common sense, logic,  problem solving and friendship as the clock ticks down. Can you escape?


If you've got any other questions about our escape games, feel free to get in touch.