Captain Red Beard’s Treasure

As Red Beard lay dying in his bed he called his most trusted crew members into his quarters.

They waited like vultures, each of them with their beady eyes on his treasure maps. They all knew he’d made fakes to stop them slitting his throat to steal his treasure. But now Red Beard was at the end, staring into Davy Jones Locker he would finally reveal his deepest secret; where he buried his biggest gold haul.

As they drew closer he whispered, ‘Only one of you rapscallions deserve my treasure, but you’ll have to work out which one. I’ve made false maps and fake routes, only my favourite will be able to get to it’.

And with that he passed away and each person knew it was a race against time to work out who could get to the treasure first! Test teams of up to 6 team’s lateral thinking, problem solving and communication skills, as they race to find the location of Captain Red Beard’s treasure. The perfect bolt on to any escape game experience.


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