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You’ve heard the stories about the missing/previous family, the ill child, the unusual happens.

As the storm brews in the world outside, the air is filled with suspicious winds, strange music, misplaced items and whispers from secret places. If you wish, you may stay and witness the light inside the house, retrace the memories and listen carefully to the tales that exist within the walls.

Many believe the family never left. Our advice to you, is to disregard the uneasy feelings of neglect and the unknown. Instead, take plenty of time to absorb the pages of confessions, the tales you may hear and the treasures that you will uncover. Maybe you’re not welcome here, maybe the light has been blown out, maybe, just maybe…you’ll uncover the truth.

Team Building4/5
Scare Factor4/5
Pricefrom £16 per person
Leeds Escape Time Leader Board
1. Team Thompson35 mins 40 sec
2. Percy37 mins 26 secs
3. Sanderson42 mins 00 secs