Following the disappearance of a South Yorkshire Police officer, you receive a letter laden with obscure symbolism inviting you to play a game…

Decline the game and missing homicide investigator, Heather Kelland is dead. Accept the invite and your own life is in jeopardy.

With less than an hour on the clock, you must discover who the Sheffield homicide killer is and find their secret hideout, before Heather’s (and your own) time runs out.

Welcome to his sadistic game, where you…are the main attraction.

With completely new puzzles, theming and storyline, “Homicide 2.0” is replayable for those who have played the original “Homicide” game.



My family and I played the original Homicide game years ago when the Great Escape Game was quite new, and we enjoyed it immensely, so when we heard that it had been revamped with all new puzzles we wanted to come and play it again. I prefer this version more, it’s more streamlined, while still having several things to do at once, and the theme of the room make it really feel like a killer’s hideout, maybe even more so than before. It was fantastic, I think we are all hoping for more updated games in the future.

Me and five friends have wanted to do a scary escape game for a while, but wasn’t sure which one to go for. We rang up, and the lady on the phone was very helpful and suggested that we start with the least scary of the scary games they offer to see how we like it, so we went with Homicide 2.0. The building really lends to the spooky theme and the staff were nothing but kind and helpful. One of our team mates was really scared before we started, but they reassured us that everything will be fine, and we had a real way out, and could contact them at any point if we needed. The game itself was great, dark and disturbing, freaky, chilling and so much fun. The puzzles were well thought out but you really had to get your head working on some of them. We managed to escape with 20 seconds left, so it was thrilling throughout! I think next we are going to try ‘Run’.

Came here with a big group from work and we split up into two teams, 6 in Alcatraz and 6 in Homicide. I was in the Homicide room, and we won!!! The room was really well decorated to fit the killer theme and the staff were so helpful and passionate! We are already talking about coming back and swapping rooms, hopefully to score another win.