Sent on a rescue mission, you are submerged deep into unknown territory. No one has heard from the team in days.

You find a vessel floating desolately in the ocean. You enter the unknown to find the surroundings eerily calm. You can’t find a single member of the team, not a person, not even a body. You begin to ask yourself;

What happened here?

Where is the team?

Suddenly, the doors air lock behind you, trapping you in deep water with only 50 minutes left in the oxygen reserve tank.

As lights flash and sirens soar, the intensity of your new surroundings become clear. You must work quickly to power up and communicate your emergency to the surface before your time runs out.

Please Note: room can either be played as a single team (3 – 8 players) or two teams can play against each other (6 – 18 players / 9 max per room). The minimum age for this game is 14 years old.

Please Note: This game does not involve any water!



Most escape rooms I’ve done usually feel like they’ve been built in someone’s office, but Submerged is completely different. It really feels like a film set with how good it looks, the sounds, the lighting, the clues, the technology, it’s all so immersive. Everything about it is above and beyond anything I’ve seen before. Definitely want to try some more games here to see if they are just as good as this one.

I’ve played all the games at generation 1 with varying levels of success, and I’ve always been impressed by the games and the staff members, But coming to generation 2 for the first time was a whole different ballpark. The venue is wonderful, very welcoming, with all sorts of games to occupy you before and after the main event. We played Submerged and it truly was spectacular. I’ve never felt transported the way I did while playing this game, I really believed I was under the ocean. The puzzles required some good thinking and teamwork, and we escaped with 5 minutes left. Afterwards we had pizzas and cocktails, which were all delicious. I can’t recommend this place enough! We will be back very soon!

I booked both of the submarines for my work for some team bonding. There were 7 of us in each submarine, and we are a competitive bunch on the best of days so this game really got us going. We all enjoyed it immensely, it is really different to any escape room we’ve done before, in terms of the layout. You are separated by doors that you can open if you get to a certain part of the game, so it requires a lot of communication and teamwork throughout, which is exactly what we needed. Our Games Masters, Ellis and Kate, were brilliant too, taking on characters to set the tone of the game, and all the clues they gave us were themed as well. Thanks guys!!


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