Salt, five red candles, red string and a floor length mirror. Four simple, household items is all you need to summon a house of hell.

Welcome to the Devil’s playground, you are his new toys.

Driven by the desperation of your desires, you find yourself trying to beat The Devil at his own game. After having your soul trapped inside the very mirror you have used to summon him, you discover you are in the Devil’s waiting lobby, the elevator to hell. You are not alone. Instead, you are surrounded by his other contestants, enslaved to the game of sacrifice. You must work together to outsmart the Devil’s torments, traps and trickery as you play a game for the ultimate price – the game of sacrifice.

The Devil has taken the liberty of possessing your body. The consequence; he is capable of stirring up plenty of trouble in that time. At the end, The Devil will either leave your body or claim your soul. What he does with it, nobody knows…Yet.

Will you become the next sacrifice?



I have played all of the Generation 1 games so me and some friends chose to do devil’s playground because we wanted to try a scary room but nothing too scary. It was recommended as the least scary out of their horror games although I have to admit that I was still very scared as I am a very jumpy person! The atmosphere was amazing and the puzzles were really good and the whole mechanics of the game very creative! I also had the chance to have a drink to calm my nerves at their bar afterwards haha. Might be a bit more daring next time and try the rest of generation 2 games! Would definitely recommend!!

Usually when I play escape games, it’s with a large group of friends, but I wanted to do one with just my girlfriend, so I rang up and asked what was best for just two people. The lady on the phone, Beth, I think her name was, was very helpful and suggested we do Devil’s Playground. When we came to play, we were blindfolded as we were taken into the room, giving it a mysterious start. The game is partially set in a broken down lift, which looks, feels and sounds very realistic. It’s also set in hell too, which again is very atmospheric. The puzzles were very thematic and some required a good bit of thinking and a few attempts. I think it’s a great game for two people, but I can also see it working for a small group of maybe 4 or 5 too. We managed to escape after being given an extra 5 minutes, so thank you to our Games Master for that! Will hopefully be back again soon.

Today I played my first escape game of devils playground because the video on the website of it looked spooky but fun. It was quite difficult and scary with some jumps along the way but it was still a really good time. The lobby area is really good too with Mario-Kart and cards against humanity to play after the game. Great day out.