Loyalty Card Prizes

  • After playing one of our experiences, please make sure you don’t leave before a Games Master has stamped your loyalty card.

  • For every 3 stamps a player collects, they win a prize 

  • These prizes are tiered, meaning a player wins an increasingly bigger prize from 3, 6 to 9 stamps. 

  • One of the stamp spots is a visit to Gameshow All-Stars, our sister location in Sheffield. 

  • To claim a prize, make sure you bring your loyalty card to site to show a Games Master who can validate your stamps. 


3 stamps: The Great Escape Game / Gameshow All-Stars mug 

6 stamps: A premium drink included on current and next visit (all venues) 

9 stamps: A The Great Escape Game hoodie / T-shirt and free early access to our new escape rooms.