Refund Policy
The Great Escape Game is a live event, so once the booking is confirmed; refunds for cancellations are not accepted, this includes adverse weather conditions such a snow as games will still run. A booking becomes a no-show and entry will be declined if the team is late by 15 minutes or more. In this situation we do not provide refunds.

Changing the date or time of a booking
If you would like to change the date of your booking more than a month in advance there is no charge. If it is less than a month the cost is £50 per room.

Terms of Play
While we have taken various precautions to minimise risk of injury, by taking part in this activity you acknowledge that there are risks involved. Such risks could result in serious injury and damage to personal property.

Any players found to be causing damage to property belonging to The Great Escape will have their experience terminated without refund. The player responsible for the booking will automatically be charged for the cost of repair. Excessive force is not required within any of the games.

All players under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Team members must be aged 14 or over to play Submerged and aged over 18 to play Abducted.

If a player is pregnant or has any medical conditions which may be affected while playing, it is their responsibility to inform a member of staff before they play.

If a player requires glasses, it is their responsibility to wear them during the game.

Players must follow all instructions given by staff. Reckless or abusive behaviour to staff or other players will result in your experience being terminated without a refund.

Players may not consume any alcohol or drugs at any point during their game. We reserve the right to terminate your experience if we believe you, or one of your party, is taking alcohol or drugs into the game and/or is too intoxicated to proceed safely.

Players are not permitted to attempt to film, take pictures or record sound during the game or replicate any aspect of any game experience.

By participating in this activity I agree that The Great Escape Game has the right to any photos or video/sound footage collected during my experience. Such photos or footage may be used for appropriate marketing purposes.

I acknowledge that my online signature holds the same effect as my physical signature when registering with The Great Escape Game. I agree to the above restrictions and acknowledge that failure to comply will result in the termination of my experience without refund.

By participating you release The Great Escape Game and its officers of any responsibility for damage or injury encountered through my participation during this activity.

Company Details
Please note The Great Escape runs as two separate businesses.

When you make a booking at The Great Escape Game in Sheffield you are entering a contract with The Great Escape Game Limited. Registered address: 153 Warminster Road, Sheffield, S8 8PP. Company number: 09341838.

When you make a booking at The Great Escape Game in Leeds you are entering a contract with Great Escape Game (Leeds) Limited. Registered address: 153 Warminster Road, Sheffield, S8 8PP. Company number: 10259057.